A Londoners Ode to Mr. Trump

img_2877A Londoners ode to Mr. Trump

Thank you Mr. Trump for shaking me out of my despair and complacency

Thank you for inspiring me to try harder, love harder and be better

Thank you for being the reason my thirteen-year-old attended her first march

Thank you for waking us up to the truth that we can never take our rights for granted

Thank you for delivering to my kids the words of Angela Davis, Van Jones and Valarie Kaur all inspired by your actions to share their truth

Thank you for being the reason that my 8 year – old daughter now aspires to be like Alicia Keys and wishes she had an afro

Thank you for reminding us that we live in an inter-connected world and that what happens over there affects us over here

Thank you for inspiring me to sign more petitions, give more money away and talk to the crazy lady in Archway who I usually avoid

Thank you for reminding us that people power counts and that elected politicians can’t always be trusted

Thank you for waking me up to the power of social media

Thank you for making rebellion and activism mainstream

Thank you for making shopping for shit less interesting than designing banners and searching for truth

Thank you for giving my kids something to believe in, to fight for

And most importantly…

Thank you for reminding me of the power of love.